The Shakespeare Reloaded team is excited to announce a new Shakespeed activity on Romeo and Juliet
Shakespeed is a fast-paced gamified learning experience suitable for high-school or university students, as well as teacher professional development.
You can read more about the games and how to play them here.
We encourage you to try the new game and share your feedback with us!
Wondering how to kick things off with the Romeo and Juliet Shakespeed game? Outlined below is an example of potential talking points which may arise from one of the videos provided within the game. You may wish to use these to facilitate discussion about the play - or maybe your experience of the game will throw up entirely different questions!
 Card: Hip hop and roller skates 
How does this video introduce contemporary elements to the play and how does this re-shape the meaning?
Why roller skates?
How does the narrator’s telling of the story of Romeo and Juliet inform and/or complicate the aesthetics of the video?
(Royal Opera House 2015)