Shakespeare Redrawn

Our lives have been redrawn by social distancing measures. Every home is now a classroom. Parents and carers are suddenly de facto teachers. How do we fill the hours? How do we keep the kids learning and happy? 
Shakespeare Redrawn is a fun way to get a little Shakespeare and a little art into each week. At noon every Wednesday we will post a Shakespeare quote on Facebook and Twitter along with a picture in response to it by a school-age child. The quote will be from a different play each week.
Please join us by setting aside a half hour every week to sit with your kids surrounded by pencils, textas and paper coming up with pictures to go with the quote of the week. It is easy! Everyone can redraw Shakespeare! You can discuss the quotes with your kids or simply let them make the art. Make sure they write the quote on the picture and add their name and age. 
Then you can share the picture with us: share on Facebook by posting your image as a reply to our post for the week, or tweet the image using the hashtag #shaxredrawn (and feel free to tag us @shakes_reloaded). The kids will love seeing their pictures online and we will love seeing each other’s pictures. 
We can’t wait to see the art! 

See all the quotes and prompts here!