Shakespeed is a fast-paced, gamified learning experience suitable for high school students, university students or teacher professional development. Each module focusses on a specific Shakespeare play and comprises nine flipcards leading to short video content. The videos are engaging, unpredictable and thought-provoking. They are sourced from open-access content on the internet. In each module the Wild Card leads to a particularly radical or unexpected video, while the Tame Card leads to a more straightforward video. Whatever card you select and view you will have plenty to consider and discuss. The selection process itself can be a fun activity with a class or lecture (get them voting on which card to flip!).
The aim of the game is to stimulate new thinking about Shakespeare and about how we learn. That thinking might be analytical or creative - or more likely a combination of the two. What connections can you make between the cards you flip and the Shakespeare play? What new angles and insights can you discover? You'll need to use your brain and imagination! 
We think of Shakespeed as a type of 'unflipped classroom' because it requires no pre-reading of materials outside class time. You only need to know the play and be up for a challenge. To play, you simply flip a card, view its content, and begin considering or discussing the ideas raised and how they expand your view of the play. It works best in groups! It can be a great circuit-breaker to freshen up a class or lecture. It's an excellent trigger to subsequent creative, analytical or research tasks.
Ready to play?
If you are stuck for ideas on how to use Shakespeed in class, have a look at Liam Semler's open-access chapter 'Shakespeeding into Macbeth and The Tempest'!