The Shakespeare Reloaded team is excited to announce two new Shakespeed activities on Othello and Richard III.

Shakespeed is a fast-paced gamified learning experience suitable for high-school or university students, as well as teacher professional development.

You can read more about the games and how to play them here.

We encourage you to try the new games and share your feedback with us!


Wondering how to kick things off with one of the Shakespeed games? Outlined below are some examples of potential talking points which may arise from some of the videos provided within the games. You may wish to use these to facilitate discussion about the plays - or maybe your experience of the Othello and Richard III Shakespeed games throws up entirely different questions!


Each example pulls a different video from one of the nine Shakespeed cards available in each game:

Othello Card: The dynamics of domestic violence

  • How is domestic violence theorised and/or visualised in the play?
  • How do we talk about violence against women after #MeToo and what does that mean for Othello as a text?
  • Have attitudes about domestic violence changed, or do students/teachers agree with Liz Roberts when she discusses the ways victim blaming and shaming have not changed?


Richard III Card: Behind The Scenes

  • How does the structure of the stage influence the themes in the play?
  • How would your students/teachers stage the play?
  • What is ‘polite Shakespeare’ on the stage, and how does that inform our understanding of a play like Richard III?


Have a go - start playing Shakespeed now.