Shakespeare Reloaded website officially launches

This week saw the official launch of the Shakespeare Reloaded website! For more information, check out the University of Sydney's media release.

On Friday 7 November we celebrated with an official launch event. The University of Sydney's Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Professor Duncan Ivison, launched the site. During his launch address, he spoke of how 'the humanities can put technologies to its own disruptive uses'.

Barker College's Head of English and team member Andrew Hood also spoke about both the website and the project's collaboration between Barker and the University of Sydney.

Associate Professor Liam Semler then introduced the website, including our new video content as part of the Shakespeare Imaginarium

Liam Semler also asked the launch guests to offer their own interpretation of the Shakespeare Reloaded logo - and we had some fascinating responses, with most looking at the logo as indicative of a sense of 'disruption'.

The Shakespeare Reloaded team thanked the many people who have helped bring the site together, including Barker College, the University of Sydney, Digital Garden, RawLight Films, and many more.

The team is currently planning our next research and teaching projects, and we'll be looking to add new content to the site over the coming months.