Publications of 2020

2020 has certainly presented us with a range of challenges, including significant changes to the way we teach and learn.

To round off the year, we're sharing some of the publication highlights from our team. Some of these are open-access, so if you're feeling inspired over the holidays, we hope you'll take a look!

Will Christie:

Christie, W., Q.S. Tong, and Angela Dunstan, eds. (2020). Tribute and Trade: China and Global Modernity, 1784-1935. Sydney University Press.

Christie, W. (2020). ‘“One foot in Wales and my vowels in England”: The Welshness of Dylan Thomas’, in Memory and Foresight in the Celtic World: Perspectives from the Late Medieval through Modern Periods, ed. Lorna G. Barrow and Jonathan M. Wooding. Sydney University Press, 85-101. 

Christie, W. (2020). ‘Contemporary Critical Reception (1807-1824)’, in Byron in Context, ed. Clara Tuite. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 257-264.

Kate Flaherty:

Flaherty, Kate. 'What my students taught me about reading: old books hold new insights for the digital generation.' The Conversation. 17 March 2020. 

Claire Hansen:

Hansen, Claire and BrĂ­d Phillips. 'What is (health) humanities for?' ACHRC Podcast, July 2020.

Hansen, Claire et al. 'Water Water Everywhere: How does the term "blue humanities" consolidate scholarship across disciplines?' ACHRC Panel, July 2020.

Hansen, Claire and Michael Stevens. 'Be still, my beating heart: reading pulselessness from Shakespeare to the artificial heart.' Medical Humanities Journal (forthcoming 2021).

Jackie Manuel:

Marshall, B., Manuel, J., Pasternack, D., & Rowsell, J. (2020). The Bloomsbury Handbook of Reading Perspectives and Practices. London: Bloomsbury Academic.

Manuel, J., & Carter, D. (2020). The English Teacher’s Handbook, A to Z. (2nd Edn.). Putney: Phoenix Education.

Liam E. Semler:

Semler, L. (2020). Three Tents for 'Tamburlaine': Resources and Approaches for Teaching the Play. In David McInnis (Ed.), Tamburlaine: A Critical Reader, (pp. 167-191). London, United Kingdom: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC.  

Semler, L. (2019). Shakespeeding into 'Macbeth' and 'The Tempest': Teaching with the Shakespeare Reloaded Website. In Sidney Homan (Ed.), How and Why We Teach Shakespeare: College Teachers and Directors Share How They Explore the Playwright's Works with Their Students, (pp. 119-127). New York: Routledge.

Lauren A. Weber

Weber, Lauren A. 'Re-reading empathy in English through The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.' mETAphor 4 (2020): 14-19.