Claire Hansen

Lecturer in English, Australian National University
Claire Hansen is a Lecturer at the Australian National University and a researcher on the Better Strangers project. Her book, Shakespeare and Complexity Theory, was published by Routledge in 2017. Claire has previously worked at James Cook University and the University of Sydney. Her research interests include early modern drama and literature, pedagogy, complexity theory, ecocriticism, and the health humanities.

Claire's current research project explores place-based education and ecocriticism. She is working with a local theatre company, secondary school students and tertiary students to investigate how the construction of place influences our understanding of Shakespeare's works and the teaching of them. Her next book, Shakespeare and Place-Based Learning, is forthcoming with Cambridge University Press Elements series. She is also co-editing with team members Liam Semler and Jackie Manuel a book collection entitled Reimagining Shakespeare Education for Cambridge University Press.

Her other research project centres on Shakespeare and the health humanities. She has published her work in the Medical Humanities journal and is collaborating on a health humanities project called 'The Heart of the Matter'.