Information for Teachers

The Shakespeare FuturEd Conference is designed to bring together Shakespeare educators from primary, secondary, tertiary and non-institutional backgrounds (such as theatre companies) to share their knowledge, expertise, reflections and innovations. Everyone is warmly invited to attend and registration is free because the Conference is funded by the Better Strangers/Shakespeare Reloaded project. The Conference takes place over two days (Friday 1 February - Saturday 2 February 2019) during which there will be keynote addresses, various panels of three 20-minute papers and some 45-minute workshops. We hope all the presentations will be of interest to everyone, but we know that many teachers will only be able to attend on Saturday. Consequently, we will be scheduling presentations of special relevance to teachers on the Saturday. 
Who can submit a proposal?
If you have experience in Shakespeare education and something to say about innovative approaches or the future of teaching and learning Shakespeare, then we’d encourage you to submit a proposal to speak. 
This Conference is designed to integrate diverse voices; teachers, academics, researchers, practitioners, performers, and students. 
What should I talk about?
We strongly encourage teachers to submit a proposal for a paper, panel or workshop if you have been involved in innovative approaches to teaching Shakespeare at school. Collaboratively presented papers are welcome. You can find more information about the presentation formats, themes and topics we will be thinking about at the Conference here, but don’t feel limited by what we have suggested. If you have a topic you want to explore, a case study to present, or an issue to raise with your peers then feel free to submit an abstract. 
What does a paper proposal look like?
Paper proposals should be a short explanation of your planned presentation (max. 200 words). Also attach a short biography about who you are and where you teach. Include your organisation and role. The format of a proposal will vary depending on the kind of paper you want to give; there are no rules about how to word your proposal. 
Why would I attend the Shakespeare FuturEd conference?
Conferences are great places to share ideas with other professionals and experts, to make new connections with dynamic colleagues and to receive stimulating feedback on your thinking and practice. The Better Strangers project and its Shakespeare Reloaded website are all about encouraging educators and generating fresh thinking in Shakespeare pedagogy. Please hop on board and contribute your ideas to the conversation. Who knows what amazing concepts and partnerships we might come up with via this Conference! 
That being said, if attending academic conferences is new for you, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or inquiries so we can make the process as smooth and welcoming as possible. And keep your eye out for forthcoming information about the Conference dinner and other events and opportunities.
We look forward to seeing you in 2019!